Henry Surtees dies after tragic F2 accident

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The world of motorsport has seen two terrible incidents since the last post on Grand Prix Blogger. On the 19 July 2009 18 year old Henry Surtees was tragically killed when a tyre and wheel from a car that had crashed into the tyre wall before him struck the young Briton on the crash helmet. The car continued into the following corner at full throttle and crashed into the tyre wall. When the car came to rest the foot of Surtees was still firmly planted on the throttle which was clear to see.

Here at Grand Prix Blogger we do not take any joy in providing links to fatal accidents, however we feel that not only the good points of motorsport should be shown but also the tragic events as well. The video below shows the Henry Surtees incident and we must emphasise that this is a FATAL ACCIDENT. If you feel this could upset you we strongly advise you to not view it.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the whole Surtees family after the terrible accident.


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